Apr 11 2013

3rd Annual CU Mobile App Challenge


The Computer Science Undergraduate Advisory Committee (CSUAC) is organizing the second round of the 3rd annual Mobile Apps Challenge here in Boulder. The second round of the challenge will take place tomorrow Friday, April 12th at 5PM at Hub Boulder. The competition will include student teams from across Colorado including CU-Boulder, Colorado State University, University of Colorado at Denver, and Colorado School of Mines.

List of Applications:

Musikfly: a platform for musical influencers to manage all their music submissions in one smart, simple feed.

PicPoc: a photo manager/viewer that runs on iOS. Its interface allows you to horizontally scroll through albums of photos, and PicPoc can view photos from your phone’s photo library or you can save photos to PicPoc to keep them secure. PicPoc’s best feature is the ability to lock/unlock your viewing to a single photo, or album of photos.

MGate: an app that allows users to simulate basic logic gate connections and outputs. Users can organize and/nand/nor/not or xor gates together to simulate basic digital logic. This would be a useful tool for teaching and learning about logic gates.

JamWalkr: a social music-listening and sharing app, designed to let users decide not only what kind of music they love, but WHERE it is loved

LightStop: an app that simply does one task really well: Displays current scheduling information for the light rail

Orpheus: is a digital DJ/Jukebox streaming music service for restaurants, bars, coffeeshops, and house parties. It uses social media and machine learning to play music that is revelant to guest and patrons.


What: 3rd Annual Mobile App Challenge: The community event 

When: Friday, April 12th at 5PM

Where: The HUB Boulder

Format: Teams will be provided a time slot to present a quick demo of their application to community members and the judges. Following the pitches, community members and judges will vote for the best teams. Scores will be combined to determine the final results.

The total cash prize is $2,000!

Free Food will be served.

Get your ticket for FREE at: http://csuac-mac.eventbrite.com

For more information, please visit: http://csuac.com/tagged/app

The event is fully sponsored by SAP!!!

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