Mar 20 2017

Dealing With Extra Stress

Alex Iskold, the Managing Director of Techstars New York has a great post on 6 Ways Startup Founders Can Deal With Extra StressHis six suggestions are right on the money.

  1. Recognize That You Are Stressed
  2. Get More Sleep
  3. Take a Regular Vacation
  4. Eat Better and Drink Less Alcohol
  5. Exercise & Meditate
  6. Have a Routine and Plan Your Calendar

I’m a huge fan of all of these. While I show up as a special guest in Alex’s post on #3, I’m a huge sleeper, I’m in a no-drinking phase, and I’m meditating and exercising almost every day.

It seems simple when it’s reduced to six items, but it’s not. And, starting with #1 is key to unlocking the next five.