Jan 31 2013

Sex And Money! Do I Have Your Attention?

Guest Post By Ilana Katz – The Underground” – (Author)

Ilana KatzI can’t think of two topics that are bigger hot buttons, not just for entrepreneurs, but for an awful lot of people. I have no doubt that many of you have opinions and experiences about sex and money that aren’t aligned with your partners.

You certainly aren’t alone!

When Brad and Amy, who we’ve known for 25 years, asked me and my husband, Warren, to write about these very personal topics, it was not by accident. They’ve known the ups and downs of our marriage and watched us go through marital trials that not everyone emerges from in-tact.

I initially felt afraid to reveal our tangles with these private issues, but my next quick thought trumped my fears. I knew that sharing our experiences – in a meaningful way – could really help others. Navigating these delicate waters of being in relationships with entrepreneurs is no picnic. Understanding the way my entrepreneurial partner ticked, and letting him understand what worked for me and what didn’t, was paramount to our relationship lasting.

The Startup Life book covers a plethora of topics. The honest and practical no-nonsense essays from a variety of entrepreneurs and their partners offer unique windows to  how others have solved or learned from familiar situations. At the very least, it offers fodder for discussions that might otherwise be difficult to broach. Working through challenges, or even approaching something before it becomes an insurmountable is one of the benefits this title offers.

Heck, you can always say to your partner: “hey, read these ten pages and then come find me.”

I would have loved to have this book when my husband (then, boyfriend) started his company. I’m certain our relationship would have benefited from the road map of Startup Life. To draw from experiences of like-minded people would have been invaluable. Instead we stumbled, sometimes rather badly, through some pretty dark places as a couple.

No regrets! With just weeks until my 20th wedding anniversary, we’re stronger than ever and have decided to give it another twenty years and see if it sticks!  J

Ilana Katz  is the author of “The Underground” – a dystopian novel. When not writing, Ilana entertains in Boston’s subways, playing old-time and blues fiddle. www.ilanakatz.com

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