Aug 24 2012

SRTE – Self-Sustaining, Regenerative Tech Ecosystems

Charlie Crystle pointed me to a great post up on his blog titled Self-Sustaining, Regenerative Tech EcosystemsHe explores the dynamics in the major town near him (Philadelphia) and then puts forward a hypothesis about what is needed for a Self-Sustaining, Regenerative Tech Ecosystem.

A self-sustaining, regenerative ecosystem has these indicators:

  • new startups formed by former employees of earlier startups
  • new startups staffed by former employees of other startups
  • new startups funded by investors and/or employees of earlier startups with part of the proceeds from earlier successes
  • through at least two cycles

If you turn this idea on its side, it includes each of the concept of the Boulder Thesis which is at the core of Startup Communities.

  1. Entrepreneur led – Charlie asserts that an SRTE is all about new startups being created.
  2. Long term view – I’ll assume that “two cycles” is a long term view – at least 10, probably 20 years.
  3. Inclusive – You’ll note the emphasis in the list for SRTE of “former employees” – the successful former employees become new entrepreneurs and angel investors. The startup community must welcome this.
  4. Engage the entire entrepreneurial stack – I love the inclusion of “former employees” in the mix. It’s powerful.

Charlie has a bunch of other good stuff in his post. Definitely worth reading and reflecting on.